Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Shang Noodle House 尚麵館... The worst choice

EXTREMELY AVOID! if you wanna pay $120+ for a noodle!

Last night me and my friends have been Shang Noodle House 尚麵館, locates in 8033 Saba Road Richmond, for late dinner. We park our cars in the visitor parking inside the building. Once we walk in, the waitress gives us a parking permit to fill up the license plate numbers and time. We do that and put it on the dashboard. However, after 30 minutes, both our cars been towed.

We argue with the manager and of course he will not do anything beside a word of "feel sorry for your lose"

What I hate the most is
  • In fact, there are 2 phrases of visitor parking for different stores
  • There is no friendly reminder for parking indication from Shang Noodle House 尚麵館
  • Waitress doesn't tell you the restriction of parking but only give you the "parking permit form"
  • No indication inside the "parking permit form" showing where could you park 
  • No restaurant logo or name in parking telling you which slot is SAFE
  • All visitor parking signs of phrase 1 & 2 are exactly same in color, font, size except the number
  • The manager tells us that there is a notice attached on the door telling everything in details and we suppose to read and understood. I just wondering who would read everything on a restaurant door before going in eating? Would that be a better customer service to remind such "parking-trap" around?
  • When we arrive the tow company and know that there are tons of cars been towed from there everyday. How could a property management NOT doing anything to improve this?
  • The parking limit is for 1 hour. Your car will be towed even you have done everything correct when time expired.
Good Luck if you wanna try a noodle there.

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  1. lol if the rules are written clearly on the door, then you only have yourself to blame for not taking more caution.